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Facial Aesthetics

Why should you choose Facial aesthetics at Rosewood Dental Care?

We are qualified trained medical professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy, nerves, muscles and blood supply. We have a thorough consultation, consent and review process.

We operate in a CQC accredited clinical environment with a dedicated central sterilisation room.

Lip enhancement – creating or enhancing your pout can be done using dermal fillers and has become a very popular and affordable way of changing your look

Refresh your face – Our most common treatment is the use of facial relaxant injections to flatten out and smooth lines and wrinkles around the face. The procedure is quick and pain-free.

Whether its laughter lines, frown lines or crow’s feet – wrinkles are a normal and natural sign of ageing. They aren’t harmful but many people don’t like the way they look and want to reduce or prevent them.

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