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Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a titanium metal rod which is placed into the jawbone. It is used to support one or more false teeth. In practice, both the false teeth and their supporting rod are known as ‘implants’. Implants are a well-established, tried-and-tested treatment.

Can implants always be used to replace missing teeth?

It depends on the state of the bone in your jaw. We will arrange for a number of special tests to assess the amount of bone still there. If there is not enough, or if it isn’t healthy enough, it may not be possible to place implants without grafting bone into the area first.

Do implants hurt?

Placing the implants requires a small operation. This can be carried out under local anaesthetic, with sedation, or with a general anaesthetic. You will not feel any pain at the time, but you may feel some discomfort during the week following the surgery. This is usually due to having stitches in place, and the normal healing process.

Dental Implants: Comfortable & Long-lasting

Our implants are tiny, high-quality titanium ‘roots’ that are surgically placed into your jawbone. Each implant bonds with the surrounding bone to create a foundation for the replacement tooth. It also prevents bone deterioration in the location where you lost a tooth, keeping your facial structure intact.

Once in place, dental implants will last for years. To keep the gum tissue around the implant healthy, be sure to brush and floss daily and visit your dentist for regular checkups.

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